by bintie on 14/11/2014

Am not a fan of TV. Unless there is a program that really catch my eyes and minds. I can’t stay in front of TV for a long time. Am quite easy to feel bored for one thing. That’s why am preferred to watch movie rather than series.

Am now a big fan of the Big Bang theory series. Since it is quite difficult to download it in torrent and find an English subtitles plus I need to convert it to .MP4 to put it in my iPhone and iPad, I’d bought the series at iTunes. Last time, iTunes had offer about AU$0.99/episodes and cost me about $9.99/season. and it is in HD. (SD also the same price).

For movies, I usually download from seventorrents.re and the subtitles I find it at subscene.com. Am using handbrake apps to convert it to MP4. The ext. that is reliable for iPhone / iPad. But to convert, it takes time. So I will find a movie that really interesting and people recommended it and also have a high rating in IMDb.

Am still think about to find substitute for this. But still need to know more. (Of course it is since it is cost a lot of money). Will think bout it later.

And last wk (or last 2 wks), I found one apps, called popcorn-time. It is basically a torrent stream apps. And it depends on people seeds and your internet connection. I have Streamyx 8MB connection and I run the apps to watch movie. No buffering, no waiting to load and I really have fun that time. But in this several days, I need to wait to load, to let it download, so I already feel quite boring to this apps.

Furthermore, the apps makes my MBP run out of battery so fast. I will watch movie via popcorn-time whenever I connect my MBP to power supply.

However, the interface of popcorn-time is quite cool and easy to navigate. And it’s still in beta stage.

wrote on 9/11/14

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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 plus.

by bintie on 9/11/2014

Yes, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus already in Malaysia since 6 November 2014. You either can buy it from any Telco provider or direct to local Apple distributor if you are willing to queue. I’d rather buy it online from Apple online store and wait from my door. Hehe.

Yesterday, I managed to touch it for the first time at Machines Tebrau City. The iPhone 6 Plus is bulky for me. And I think, I made a correct decision to buy an iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 6 Plus. As far as I see, stocks available are very limited. Not much you can choose.

I bought mine from Australia Apple online store on last 3 November 2014. They stated there the delivery is about 7-10 working days (14/11/14 – 19/11/14) by standard shipping. But my brother received it on 7th November by TNT Overnight Express. Am super-excited for this.

I bought iPhone 6 128GB Space Grey. And the price is AU$1129. (I will blog it later why I bought overseas when Malaysia price is cheaper.) I am considered to buy iPhone 6 Plus 64GB, but am afraid about its size. Then decide to buy iPhone 6 64gb, but after calculate, just add AU$130, I can get bigger “brain”, then here there is the iPhone 6 128GB. Am not so particular about the color. Since am gonna put it in case. So any color is doesn’t matter.

Currently the iPhone is still at my brother in Sydney. He will coming back to Malaysia for his summer holiday on 2nd December. So, am really counting days now. Woohoo!

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International warranty and Apple care

by bintie on 7/11/2014

International warranty does not cover for Apple iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

The warranty is belong to the origin country that you purchase the iDevice. This is based on the consumer law of the origin country.

Let’s say, you bought the iPhone in Australia, then you are back to Malaysia, and the iPhone has faulty. Then you need to return the faulty iPhone to Apple Australia by post (in case you are not going to Australia).

You can also send to any Apple service centre in Malaysia and they will send to Apple Australia. But you have to bear the postage cost. If not, you may ask the Apple service centre in Malaysia to repair it for you, but the warranty is not valid anymore. You must pay the service cost.

Speak about the Apple Care, I don’t think it is worth it. It is because, if in second year, your iPhone has faulty, you need to pay about $99 (if am not mistaken), to get a replacement. But if you don’t have an Apple Care, the cost is more. I think, it goes the same here, since you need to buy the Apple Care about AU129. Plus minus, it is better to not buy the Apple Care.

It is your risk. Sometimes you are good, sometimes bad luck happen.

I experienced 3rd time faulty in one year. Bad luck!

+ Pardon my broken English.

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Parallels desktop 9 (Yosemite version)

by bintie on 25/10/2014

For those who had trouble to launch Parallels apps after upgrade to OS X Yosemite, can update your apps through this link. In case, you did not plan to upgrade to Parallels 10 (cost RM168 to upgrade).

I have observed, that Yahoo Messenger can’t be use in OS X Yosemite. My friends experienced VMWare can’t use in OS X Yosemite either.

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How to have an Apple logo as an Emoji on iOS?

by bintie on 22/09/2014

Either you just can copy the Apple logo from this link (need to set a bookmark in your browser): http://mrgan.com/gb/


add it at your home screen.

1.Simply go to the Safari web browser, and copy paste the same link (refer above option).

2. Tap at the arrow (see picture) > Add to home screen


3. You can rename it as what you like.  > Add


4. It will appears on your home screen.


5. Tap on it and you can use it by copy & paste.

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