Keynote September 2014

by bintie on 16/11/2014

On 9th September 2014, Apple had launch keynote for iPhone 6, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and iOS 8. The event is occur at 10am (Cupertino time) and we in Malaysia can have livestream via Safari web browser on 10th September, around 2am. I almost forgot about this, but luckily my home page is Apple web, so it is such my reminder then.

At first, I can’t manage to watch it, since it always buffering. I thought it happens because of my connection is not good. But after several time I tried, then I managed to watch it from the first until the U2 performed. It is like a real thing happens. Like I seat at the event. I feel like, “whoah”.

Actually, the things that I really can’t wait is of course the iPhone 6. Other than that, is iOS 8. And am not so into the Apple Pay & Apple Watch. The Apple Pay still not usable in Malaysia. Unless you are always travel overseas, and have foreign account, then it is applicable. For Apple Watch it’s quite interesting, but I sum it as a “beta” testing. Since it is 1st time Apple produce this kind of products. So let’s wait for another 3-4 years, maybe?

I have updated my iPhone 5S to iOS 8. Although not so much different from iOS 7, but still cool. They are a few features which is help my life easier. It is, now I can answer call from my iPad & Macbook even though my iPhone is not in my room (at least must at in the same internet connection). Not much iOS features can be experience on iPhone 5S. Plus, it makes your phone lag some times.

wrote on 9/11/14

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