credit card fraud

by bintie on 25/04/2015

I received notification via SMS from Citibank (refer picture). As far as I concern, I can confirmed that I didn’t make any purchase online via credit card on that day.

I called Citibank call centre, after verified my personal information, she said that there is one who tried to use my account to purchase at Save on Crafts. The amount is about US$1114. But the transaction is rejected since they don’t have the CVC number. Lucky me. Nice try huh!

So Citibank blocked my current card and give a replacement card.

My sister said, if you want to purchase online, especially to book hotel, reserve a rental car, and etc, better you don’t put the correct CVC number. Later, when you have arrived at the hotel or at the car rental company, you can provide all the information. She has practised it.

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