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Can’t empty trash


my preferences is “empty trash securely”.

in my case, there has a file (.jpg) that is locked (don’t know why). and I can’t empty trash even after restart several time.

so I go Google, and found this solution. and it works!

Finder > Preferences > Advanced > un-tick the empty trash securely.

try again to empty the trash. then tick back the empty trash securely button if you wish to.

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I’ve found another alternative to replace FileZilla FTP client, since FZ got a malware. There is no point if the software is free but contains too many malware/virus.

Another free FTP client that I think is good is Cyberduck. If you feel good with this software, you can give them a token/donation to support them to produce more good/quality software. The token is as low as $5/€5.

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Am not a fan of TV. Unless there is a program that really catch my eyes and minds. I can’t stay in front of TV for a long time. Am quite easy to feel bored for one thing. That’s why am preferred to watch movie rather than series.

Am now a big fan of the Big Bang theory series. Since it is quite difficult to download it in torrent and find an English subtitles plus I need to convert it to .MP4 to put it in my iPhone and iPad, I’d bought the series at iTunes. Last time, iTunes had offer about AU$0.99/episodes and cost me about $9.99/season. and it is in HD. (SD also the same price).

For movies, I usually download from and the subtitles I find it at Am using handbrake apps to convert it to MP4. The ext. that is reliable for iPhone / iPad. But to convert, it takes time. So I will find a movie that really interesting and people recommended it and also have a high rating in IMDb.

Am still think about to find substitute for this. But still need to know more. (Of course it is since it is cost a lot of money). Will think bout it later.

And last wk (or last 2 wks), I found one apps, called popcorn-time. It is basically a torrent stream apps. And it depends on people seeds and your internet connection. I have Streamyx 8MB connection and I run the apps to watch movie. No buffering, no waiting to load and I really have fun that time. But in this several days, I need to wait to load, to let it download, so I already feel quite boring to this apps.

Furthermore, the apps makes my MBP run out of battery so fast. I will watch movie via popcorn-time whenever I connect my MBP to power supply.

However, the interface of popcorn-time is quite cool and easy to navigate. And it’s still in beta stage.

wrote on 9/11/14

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Parallels desktop 9 (Yosemite version)


For those who had trouble to launch Parallels apps after upgrade to OS X Yosemite, can update your apps through this link. In case, you did not plan to upgrade to Parallels 10 (cost RM168 to upgrade).

I have observed, that Yahoo Messenger can’t be use in OS X Yosemite. My friends experienced VMWare can’t use in OS X Yosemite either.

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Redeem an iTunes card (Australian acc)


Last January, my friends who is studying at Brisbane has bought an iPhone 5S. With a student ID, she got a discount (even not much) and an iTunes cards worth AUD50. The best thing is she gave the card to me. Yeay!

I just redeem the cards. Cos am not into the apps so I bought the Simpsons series, worth AUD29.99.

I need to change my account from Malaysian to Australian to redeem the cards. And it needs the australia address & bank account. I used my brother details who is in Sydney now.

So far, I am so in love with the apps and the entertainment things in the Australian iTunes store. More english movies/tv shows. I am planned to purchase more after this.

Btw, my apps which I purchased before (with the Malaysian acc) are still there. But can’t be update. Am not go through detail yet.

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