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Keynote September 2014


On 9th September 2014, Apple had launch keynote for iPhone 6, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and iOS 8. The event is occur at 10am (Cupertino time) and we in Malaysia can have livestream via Safari web browser on 10th September, around 2am. I almost forgot about this, but luckily my home page is Apple web, so it is such my reminder then.

At first, I can’t manage to watch it, since it always buffering. I thought it happens because of my connection is not good. But after several time I tried, then I managed to watch it from the first until the U2 performed. It is like a real thing happens. Like I seat at the event. I feel like, “whoah”.

Actually, the things that I really can’t wait is of course the iPhone 6. Other than that, is iOS 8. And am not so into the Apple Pay & Apple Watch. The Apple Pay still not usable in Malaysia. Unless you are always travel overseas, and have foreign account, then it is applicable. For Apple Watch it’s quite interesting, but I sum it as a “beta” testing. Since it is 1st time Apple produce this kind of products. So let’s wait for another 3-4 years, maybe?

I have updated my iPhone 5S to iOS 8. Although not so much different from iOS 7, but still cool. They are a few features which is help my life easier. It is, now I can answer call from my iPad & Macbook even though my iPhone is not in my room (at least must at in the same internet connection). Not much iOS features can be experience on iPhone 5S. Plus, it makes your phone lag some times.

wrote on 9/11/14

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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 plus.


Yes, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus already in Malaysia since 6 November 2014. You either can buy it from any Telco provider or direct to local Apple distributor if you are willing to queue. I’d rather buy it online from Apple online store and wait from my door. Hehe.

Yesterday, I managed to touch it for the first time at Machines Tebrau City. The iPhone 6 Plus is bulky for me. And I think, I made a correct decision to buy an iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 6 Plus. As far as I see, stocks available are very limited. Not much you can choose.

I bought mine from Australia Apple online store on last 3 November 2014. They stated there the delivery is about 7-10 working days (14/11/14 – 19/11/14) by standard shipping. But my brother received it on 7th November by TNT Overnight Express. Am super-excited for this.

I bought iPhone 6 128GB Space Grey. And the price is AU$1129. (I will blog it later why I bought overseas when Malaysia price is cheaper.) I am considered to buy iPhone 6 Plus 64GB, but am afraid about its size. Then decide to buy iPhone 6 64gb, but after calculate, just add AU$130, I can get bigger “brain”, then here there is the iPhone 6 128GB. Am not so particular about the color. Since am gonna put it in case. So any color is doesn’t matter.

Currently the iPhone is still at my brother in Sydney. He will coming back to Malaysia for his summer holiday on 2nd December. So, am really counting days now. Woohoo!

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International warranty and Apple care


International warranty does not cover for Apple iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

The warranty is belong to the origin country that you purchase the iDevice. This is based on the consumer law of the origin country.

Let’s say, you bought the iPhone in Australia, then you are back to Malaysia, and the iPhone has faulty. Then you need to return the faulty iPhone to Apple Australia by post (in case you are not going to Australia).

You can also send to any Apple service centre in Malaysia and they will send to Apple Australia. But you have to bear the postage cost. If not, you may ask the Apple service centre in Malaysia to repair it for you, but the warranty is not valid anymore. You must pay the service cost.

Speak about the Apple Care, I don’t think it is worth it. It is because, if in second year, your iPhone has faulty, you need to pay about $99 (if am not mistaken), to get a replacement. But if you don’t have an Apple Care, the cost is more. I think, it goes the same here, since you need to buy the Apple Care about AU129. Plus minus, it is better to not buy the Apple Care.

It is your risk. Sometimes you are good, sometimes bad luck happen.

I experienced 3rd time faulty in one year. Bad luck!

+ Pardon my broken English.

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trivia apple


iphone headphones: 1 click – play/pause, switch call ; 2 clicks – skip to next song ; 3 clicks – go to previous song ; hold for 2 seconds to ignore calls

– @anonymous

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trivia apple


turn on auto-brightness to make your iphone battery last longer

– @thefactstores

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