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Keynote September 2014


On 9th September 2014, Apple had launch keynote for iPhone 6, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and iOS 8. The event is occur at 10am (Cupertino time) and we in Malaysia can have livestream via Safari web browser on 10th September, around 2am. I almost forgot about this, but luckily my home page is Apple web, so it is such my reminder then.

At first, I can’t manage to watch it, since it always buffering. I thought it happens because of my connection is not good. But after several time I tried, then I managed to watch it from the first until the U2 performed. It is like a real thing happens. Like I seat at the event. I feel like, “whoah”.

Actually, the things that I really can’t wait is of course the iPhone 6. Other than that, is iOS 8. And am not so into the Apple Pay & Apple Watch. The Apple Pay still not usable in Malaysia. Unless you are always travel overseas, and have foreign account, then it is applicable. For Apple Watch it’s quite interesting, but I sum it as a “beta” testing. Since it is 1st time Apple produce this kind of products. So let’s wait for another 3-4 years, maybe?

I have updated my iPhone 5S to iOS 8. Although not so much different from iOS 7, but still cool. They are a few features which is help my life easier. It is, now I can answer call from my iPad & Macbook even though my iPhone is not in my room (at least must at in the same internet connection). Not much iOS features can be experience on iPhone 5S. Plus, it makes your phone lag some times.

wrote on 9/11/14

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Am not a fan of TV. Unless there is a program that really catch my eyes and minds. I can’t stay in front of TV for a long time. Am quite easy to feel bored for one thing. That’s why am preferred to watch movie rather than series.

Am now a big fan of the Big Bang theory series. Since it is quite difficult to download it in torrent and find an English subtitles plus I need to convert it to .MP4 to put it in my iPhone and iPad, I’d bought the series at iTunes. Last time, iTunes had offer about AU$0.99/episodes and cost me about $9.99/season. and it is in HD. (SD also the same price).

For movies, I usually download from and the subtitles I find it at Am using handbrake apps to convert it to MP4. The ext. that is reliable for iPhone / iPad. But to convert, it takes time. So I will find a movie that really interesting and people recommended it and also have a high rating in IMDb.

Am still think about to find substitute for this. But still need to know more. (Of course it is since it is cost a lot of money). Will think bout it later.

And last wk (or last 2 wks), I found one apps, called popcorn-time. It is basically a torrent stream apps. And it depends on people seeds and your internet connection. I have Streamyx 8MB connection and I run the apps to watch movie. No buffering, no waiting to load and I really have fun that time. But in this several days, I need to wait to load, to let it download, so I already feel quite boring to this apps.

Furthermore, the apps makes my MBP run out of battery so fast. I will watch movie via popcorn-time whenever I connect my MBP to power supply.

However, the interface of popcorn-time is quite cool and easy to navigate. And it’s still in beta stage.

wrote on 9/11/14

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How to have an Apple logo as an Emoji on iOS?


Either you just can copy the Apple logo from this link (need to set a bookmark in your browser):


add it at your home screen.

1.Simply go to the Safari web browser, and copy paste the same link (refer above option).

2. Tap at the arrow (see picture) > Add to home screen


3. You can rename it as what you like.  > Add


4. It will appears on your home screen.


5. Tap on it and you can use it by copy & paste.

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trivia apple


iphone headphones: 1 click – play/pause, switch call ; 2 clicks – skip to next song ; 3 clicks – go to previous song ; hold for 2 seconds to ignore calls

– @anonymous

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Redeem an iTunes card (Australian acc)


Last January, my friends who is studying at Brisbane has bought an iPhone 5S. With a student ID, she got a discount (even not much) and an iTunes cards worth AUD50. The best thing is she gave the card to me. Yeay!

I just redeem the cards. Cos am not into the apps so I bought the Simpsons series, worth AUD29.99.

I need to change my account from Malaysian to Australian to redeem the cards. And it needs the australia address & bank account. I used my brother details who is in Sydney now.

So far, I am so in love with the apps and the entertainment things in the Australian iTunes store. More english movies/tv shows. I am planned to purchase more after this.

Btw, my apps which I purchased before (with the Malaysian acc) are still there. But can’t be update. Am not go through detail yet.

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