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credit card fraud


I received notification via SMS from Citibank (refer picture). As far as I concern, I can confirmed that I didn’t make any purchase online via credit card on that day.

I called Citibank call centre, after verified my personal information, she said that there is one who tried to use my account to purchase at Save on Crafts. The amount is about US$1114. But the transaction is rejected since they don’t have the CVC number. Lucky me. Nice try huh!

So Citibank blocked my current card and give a replacement card.

My sister said, if you want to purchase online, especially to book hotel, reserve a rental car, and etc, better you don’t put the correct CVC number. Later, when you have arrived at the hotel or at the car rental company, you can provide all the information. She has practised it.

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My essential bookmark link list


I am interested in reading a technology articles / website / blog etc. I can spend my whole day just to scroll all of my bookmark sites in my macbook.

Please see the snapshot image to know which sites that I am so into. I will not provide the link since it is very long list. You can just google the site names.


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Show or hide post in Facebook news feed


What if, you accidentally/purposely hide someone post in your facebook news feed, but then you regret and need/want to turn it on back?


Am hunting the answer about a few days before, and now I already knew what is the purpose of the “follow” and “following” button in the user’s facebook profile.

Yes, the purpose is to show/hide their posts in your news feed.

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Apple just unfair to Mountain Lion user


I feel Apple just unfair to users who has upgrade their OS X Lion to Mountain Lion (including me). I’ve upgraded my OS X on  27 July 2013 with price $19.99. But later on November 2013, Apple was launched it’s new OS X, Mavericks, for a no fee. (FREE!). I’ve been upset for this.

In my mind, why don’t Apple just refund our money by give us an iTunes gift card that has a same amount that we paid when upgraded the OS X before.


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funny thought


I’ve a funny thought during my early year of using a handphone.

Am always think that whenever people change their handphone, they need to change their phone number too.

It’s because I imagine it is like a fixed line phone. When you vacate to other home, the phone number will change.

But after years, I get to know that we also can maintain the current phone number (fixed line) even we vacate. But of course with condition.

P/s. this entry is tribute to my friends who just got a new handphone.
P/s. and yes, she doesn’t change her phone number :p.

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